No Commission Load:

FINRA Regulation 15‐02 requires Net Asset Valuation (“NAV”) pricing after an investment is made by investors, which traditional Broker‐Dealers (“pay‐to‐play”) fees can cost investors as much as 15% of their investment. The Opportunity Zone REIT charges ZERO Commissions or Loads.

Opportunity Zone (Capital Gain Deferral)

  • The reinvestment of recognized capital gains within 180 days in the Opportunity Zone REIT, shall defer such capital gains until the earlier of December 31, 2026 or the sale of the Opportunity Zone REIT stock.
  • Any Capital Gain in Any Asset Class, including short term capital gains.
  • Only Capital Gains need to be invested and shall receive the tax benefits (No Basis).

Opportunity Zone (Capital Gain Reduction)

If an investor holds its stock for either 5 or 7 years, the investor reduces its reinvested capital gains by 10% if held for 5 years or 15% if held for 7 years.

Opportunity Zone (Capital Gains Exemption)

No Capital Gains Taxes on the appreciation of the Opportunity Zone REIT stock, if the shareholder holds its stock for at least 10 years.

20% Pass ‐ Through Deduction for Dividend Income (Taxed as Ordinary Income)

The Opportunity Zone REIT shareholders will receive the 20% tax deduction on their REIT dividend income received. Unlike the Opportunity Zone REIT’s shareholders, investors through partnerships and LLCs structures are subject to multiple limitations that can restrict their eligibility to receive the 20% tax deduction. REITs are exempt from these limitation rules, which allows its shareholders to receive the full 20% tax deduction benefit.

No Dual State and Local Income Tax Exposure

No state and local income taxes exposure on where properties are located, only state and local income taxes where the shareholders’ are domiciled.