I. Project Summary

Narrative description of the investment opportunity to include:

  1. Description of Team (Sponsor(s), GC, Architect, Leasing, etc.) including detailed
    sponsorship info.
  2. Location with address and overview of area
  3. Total Apartments, mix, SF, parking
  4. Retail/Commercial SF
  5. SWOT Analysis
  6.  General timeline
  7. Description of current improvements
  8. Environmental report and any other relevant physical reports

II. Financial Proforma

Detail financial analysis of the investment to include:

  1. Capital Budget with land, hard costs, soft costs, financing fees
  2. Income Statement
  3. Operating Expenses including:
  4. Payroll
  5. Utilities
  6. Marketing
  7. General Admin
  8. Maintenance & Repairs
  9. Make Ready/Redec
  10. Landscaping & Snow Removal
  11. Management Fee
  12. RE Taxes
  13. Insurance
  14. Non Routine

III. Market Survey

Analysis of the comparable market rents compared to the subject.

IV. Site Plan

A clear site plan showing the proposed development.

  1. Aerials if available
  2. High resolution renderings/photography

V. Project Plans

Plans of the proposed development including an existing conditions
survey if available.

  1. Electronic architectural plans/floor plans
  2. Property specifications/design features (ceiling heights, mechanical systems,
    structural info, etc.)
  3. GSF and RSF calculations, including break out if multiple uses

VI. Sales Comparables

Sales comparables of development land and development exit sales in the region.

VII. Approvals

Narrative description of approvals obtained and those still required through
building permit and final CO.

VIII. Operating Expenses

Provide a comparable analysis of similar product with the market.

IX. Construction Costs

Provide an estimated budget compared with costs from a similar
product in the same market.

X. Economic and Population Data

Please provide information on recent historical and future projected population, employment and building permit information for the local MSA.

XI. Real Estate Taxes

Please provide information on the projected taxes and how they are calculated by the municipality.